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Welcome to STRUCK Contemporary! 


Located at 365 Dupont Street, in the heart of Toronto, our 5000 sq. ft. art gallery and event space hosts fun and fresh artistry to ignite and inspire. We pride ourselves on the continuous acquisition of unique and original artwork from both international and domestic artists.  Our focus is primarily on, but not limited to, Pop & Contemporary Art. 


The pieces housed at STRUCK are displayed in a way to promote engagement with contemporary art and offer a refreshing opportunity to immerse ones self in the beauty of artistry, as well as learn about the historical significance. Join us to view and perhaps even come to own one of our phenomenal pieces created by a top world artists.  There is something for everyone, at various price points. STRUCK also features works of established contemporary masters like Warhol, Murakami, Lichtenstein & Rauschenberg.


Who doesn't love a good party?  STRUCK Contemporary in association with Andrew Richard Design Events orchestrates illustrious functions that surprise and delight.  The unique format, size and aesthetic direction create the perfect back drop for a night you won't soon forget.  From art exhibitions, product brand launches, wedding & engagement receptions, birthday parties, special workshops and everything in between, it is no wonder that over the years, STRUCK has become a favorite venue here in Toronto and we are grateful for having the amazing opportunities to shock, delight and tantalize the senses. 



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