Van Donna is an up and coming artist mixing pointillism and pop art in a unique colourful blend. This is her artist statement:

“Being a woman is not always easy. Being a mother, a wife and having a busy full-on career can be a daunting task. For most of my life as a young woman, I had been constantly shuffling around trying make ends meet: be there for my family and being successful at work.

But it all came at a price, a very high one. One day I awakened to the realization that I had no time at all for myself: by constantly playing different roles, I had lost touch with the person I am.

There was no space left for me to explore my feelings, needs, ideas and to express myself within the constraints of a hectic life. So I started to reorganize my priorities and to cut more space for myself, trying to get in touch with that beautiful person I thought I’d lost.”

 “Art is where I found my own space.  When I paint I am in a different place, somewhere I call “the zone”. It is a very special one where time doesn’t exist and I am free to manifest my emotions and thoughts in harmony.

I chose Pointillism as my technique of choice. The mechanical repetitive gestures have a mantra-like quality that helps me balance my thoughts and be present to myself in the here and now. It is also a tribute to my main influences: Van Gogh and Paul Signac.

My paintings are an expression of the world within me and of the things I love. It is a world full of colours, hope and beauty.”

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