Richard Duardo has long been dubbed the 'West-Coast Warho' for his importance to arts in Los Angeles. He is an artist and Master Printer with more than 25 years experience producing works for over 450 artists including Shepard Fairey, David Hockney, John Van Hamersveld and Keith Haring among others. Richard Duardo graduated with a degree in graphic design from UCLA and with help of a local nun set up his first silkscreen print studio in 1977. The nun, Sister Karen, ran a centre for disenfranchised, young Chicano artists in East LA and helped provide resources to aid their bourgeoning careers. His dedication to guiding artists can been seen throughout his own career; with his print studio he has helped realise the ambition of many prominent names in the art world. As an accomplished artist in his own right Duardo is known for producing large, vibrant coloured silk-screen prints of pop-cultural icons. His work has featured the likes of Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Duke Ellington and Che Guevara. Duardo reworks these icons with his signature hand-finished pastel strokes and uses bold, graphic typography. Much like his predecessor Andy Warhol, Richard Duardo's images allow the viewer to question the notion of celebrity and what makes these people both iconic as well as human. Duardo originally intended to be a ceramic artist but fell in love with silk-screening leading to his career as a "decorative pop artist". He did however shut everything down in 1991, "I sold my soul to the devil, I made a lot of money being what they called a second rate Andy Warhol, I got sick of being in the art world." Selling 90% of his equipment, Duardo became a promoter in the rave scene for five years. On his return in 1999 he met with Shepard Fairey and reinvented himself resulting in his current position as a world-renowned master printer and internationally acclaimed artist. Duardo has also worked closely with the anonymous British grafitti artist Banksy and produced the edition of prints for his seminal LA show "Barely Legal" in 2006. "I believe artists fill in the space that life has mutilated and rendered mute." (Richard Duardo) 

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