The living legend of the graffiti movement, illustrator, photographer, sculptor, fashion and graphic designer from New York City, Futura – also known as Futura 2000 – is one of the major players on the current international urban art scene. The contemporary of SAMOKeith HaringRichard HambletonCope2 and many other iconic NY writers, Futura helped define the graffiti movement of the early 1970s by moving it away from lettering and towards the more painterly, abstract style. This highly influential and multi-faceted artist has, to date, remained unique, fresh, and evolving, and his characteristic style has paved the way for a whole new generation of high-profile urban artists.

He's also known as "The Father of Abstract Graffiti"

Growing up in the era of the civil rights movement, anti-war, and anti-draft protests had a great influence on Futura. In 1975, he joined the Navy and spent four years in Kenya, Pakistan, Australia, the Philippines, and all over Asia. When he came back to New York in the late 1970s, he realized that graffiti evolved and that street creatives were doing amazing artworks on the walls. Upon his return to the Big Apple, he met Keith Harring and Jean-Michel Basquiat and befriended with them. Futura emerged as the first artist who covered an entire wagon in abstract graffiti. Based on more graphic rules, in the beginning, his expressions developed into complex geometry, to achieve a more liberated form today, where a freer composition and colors are the base.

Futura - Starstruck

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