Like many urban artists, DOT DOT DOT keeps his identity hidden. We only know that he is Norwegian, born in Oslo and is one of the most important artists in the Nordic contemporary art scene.

His artistic career began in 1997 under the use of several pseudonyms and in 2007 he set as DOT DOT DOT (or DOTDOTDOT), focusing on a conceptual and figurative style, combining stencil with graffiti.

The work of this artist is characterized by representing the aesthetics of pop art of the 70s with a satirical twist that points to the current contemporary art scene.

Committed with the artists and the panorama of urban art in his country, DOT DOT DOT founded in 2012, "All rights destroyed" a platform through which he pursues to promote the work of these artists.

He has left his mark on walls around Europe and especially Norway, in cities like Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Copenhagen, Berlin, Fuengiro and Malaga.


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