123 KLAN

Based out of Montréal, Canada, 123KLAN is a group of graffiti artists founded by the French duo Scien and Mrs Klor in 1992. Influenced by 90’s graffiti art brought forth in Europe and New York, 123KLAN gained swift recognition through their features posed alongside experimental type faces. By the early 2000's, computer technology opened a world of doors for this graffiti crew and lead them to projecting their designs onto new surfaces. The web allowed them to land on multiple media bases, from record sleeves, posters, stickers, toy designs, posters, skateboards, canvas, shoes, T-shirts- the list goes on. They have exhibited their works in major cities such as: Brussels, Berlin, Honolulu, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Marrakech, Mexico City, Moscow, New York, Paris, Rio, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo and Zurich (to name a few).



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