First 100 Fine Art Prints by Toronto's Jayscale

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We are pleased to be releasing the first 100 prints by Toronto-based urban photographer Jayscale. We have 6 limited-edition prints being released today, CLICK HERE TO CHECK AND PURCHASE THE PRINTS.     Read this article in the Toronto Star about Jayscale's Daring Photography!

5 Toronto artists to watch in 2016 - Blog TO

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    "Shuter's pop art work - notably her paintings of headless, dapper men - have gotten her noticed in the past number of years in both the corporate world and the visual arts scene. In 2015, she released her very own colouring book and she's now gearing up for a solo show at the newly opened S...

STRUCK Contemporary Gallery Profile - Blog TO

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    "STRUCK Contemporary seems intent on filling a gap in Toronto's pop-art scene. The surprisingly spacious, white-walled gallery is a canvas and the numerous prints and paintings make it come to life. And, boy is there a lot to look at. The collection of pop art here is impressive to say the ...
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