Who is Mr. Clever Art?

Who is Mr. Clever Art?

Mr. Clever Art was a stand-out at SCOPE Miami last year with these hand-embellished spraypaint cans.

two spraycans with Starbucks logo and Newcatsle logo

With a dose of irony, in “Starbucks Coffee Spray” and “Newcastle Spray Ale” Mr. Clever Art comments on the way graffiti artists only reach for certain paint brands before hitting the streets in the same way we’re loyal to our favourite drinks.

The young LA-based artist from New York has become known for his humorous take on luxury names like Chanel, de Grisogono, Burberry, and Dom Pérignon.

Hulk with de Grisogono perfume bottle and splash of spraypaint, coloured dot background


Superman and supergirl kissing with striped coloured background

In his bright and colourful mixed media works, comic book characters are another regular feature. However, they often look like paid actors or models posing beside products, rather than valiant superheroes. A compilation of dots, spraypaint, and collage have become Mr. Clever Art’s signature style, playing on the eye-catching, graphic aesthetic of advertisements.

What brand of spraypaint does Mr. Clever Art use himself?— It’s still under wraps.

Snoopy on spraycan

Check out our full collection of Mr. Clever Art here.


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Comic book inspired art with blonde woman clutching The New York Times featuring the headline "Superhero Lovers" and an illustration of Superman kissing Batman on the front page

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