Meet the latest addition to our Struck family-- Toronto based artist MAHYAR. A local talent in illustration with an interest in contemporary design, Mahyar’s original works are on display for the first time at the STRUCK Contemporary.

Join Us for The Opening Release Event!
Thursday April 25, 2019 
7:30pm -10:30pm
Exclusive limited edition print release available for purchase

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The artist’s series of ten original drawings, inspired by the Nike x Virgil Abloh collaboration “The Ten,” is a response to the growing trend in high-end streetwear and collectible athletic design. Mahyar’s clean, minimalist palette and crisp black lines allow the details of each shoe to come to light, from the red zip ties to the signature block letters and quotation marks that Abloh’s brand Off-White has become known for. 


In the spirit of the “Ten Icons Reconstructed”, Mahyar created ten hand-finished pieces on canvas, each a devotion to the innovation, creative branding and lifestyle imprint at the heart of Nike’s classic footwear. 

In the series, Mahyar offers up his observations on the way fashion items have quickly ascended to the level of icon and an art object. Finished in a high-gloss resin, Mahyar’s pieces balance refinement with street culture as a gesture to the way shoewear has become as much about individual expression as a status symbol. 

At a point now where we have become attuned to user experience and design elements in our everyday lives, Mahyar effortlessly captures the way “The Ten” have stood the test of time and continue to represent a desire for a fusion between fashion and life, function and artistry, tradition and progress, values and style.